Solid Waste Emergency & Efficiency Project (SWEEP) is an emergency operation and will finance interventions that will be implemented over two phases



SWEEP is a joint venture between Government of Sindh & World Bank to develop state of the art solid waste infrastructure for the city of Karachi. Currently the project aims to develop immediately required infrastructure in the form of garbage transfer stations and sanitary engineering landfill sites. the core objective of sweep project is to reduce the carbon footprint in the city of Karachi and to ensure the compliance to the international and national environmental quality standards, thus improving the sanitation index of the city in general. 



Mid Term Review (MTR) mission meetings started from January 16, 2024, between the World Bank and the PIU SWEEP officials to review the Phase I procurement status and planning for Phase II. Discussions encompassed project ratings, investment preparation, contract management, and staffing plans, with an emphasis on identifying key lessons and corrective actions. The environmental and social aspects were also a focal point, particularly the ESIA implementation for Phase I and the requirements for Phase II investments. This session played a crucial role in directing the future course of the project.

A public hearing, organized by the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency, Government of Sindh, took place on December 14, 2023, at the Jam Chakro Landfill Site. The purpose of the hearing was to address the Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the development of a Sanitary Engineered Landfill Cell at the Jam Chakro Site in District West, Karachi. Representatives from various stakeholders, including environmental groups, the SWEEP project, Sindh Solid Waste Management Board, Local Government, and the general public, attended the four-hour-long session, which involved presentations, testimonies, and questions from the audience.

A meeting was convened at the SWEEP office with World Bank representatives to assess the progress of the SWEEP project.

A field visit to the Jam Chakro Dumpsite was organized on November 1st to provide a comprehensive briefing to World Bank officials.



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Syed Nasir Hussain Shah
Minister Local Government Sindh
Local Government Department, Government of Sindh in collaboration with Sindh Solid Waste Management Board has launched a Solid Waste Emergency and Efficiency Project (SWEEP) which is aimed at improving overall infrastructure related to waste handling with a view to implement the modern concept of Solid waste management system in true spirit. As per conceived plan, 6 Garbage Transfer Station situated in various districts of Karachi division, one Engineered Landfill Site at Jam Chakro and one new Engineered Landfill at Dhabeji will be constructed while meeting the requirement of International Standards. The above steps shall certainly pave a long way in overall improvement of infrastructure and achieving the ultimate goals of implementing the concept of waste to energy. Government of Sindh has fully supported the project by providing dedicated land of 500 Acres at Landfill sites and GTS Sites. I wish best of luck and pray for its successful completion and meeting of milestone within targeted period of time.
najam shah
Najam Ahmed Shah
Secretary Local Government Sindh
Modern environment friendly and scientific garbage collection, segregation, sorting and recycling and treatment facilities in the only metropolitan city of Karachi is the need of the hour. Local Government Department, Government of Sindh has launched a Solid Waste Emergency and Efficiency Project (SWEEP) which is aimed at improving overall infrastructure related to waste handling with a view to implement the modern concept of Solid waste management system in true spirit. Six Garbage Transfer Stations situated in various districts of Karachi division and an engineered landfill site at Jam Chakro and Dhabeji meeting the requirement of International Standards that will have an immense positive impact in the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the city of Karachi. Timely completion of this project is an uphill task and consistency is required. I wish very best to the team of SWEEP in timely and effective completion of the project.
zubair channa
Zubair Ahmed Channa
Project Director SWEEP
Local Government Department Government of Sindh launched the Project SWEEP which will certainly support Pakistan’s Vision 2025, aiming to transform Pakistan’s urban areas into creative, eco-friendly sustainable cities, by paying attention towards ‘curbing urban pollution and proper transfer of waste that are important in achieving the goals with the collaboration and support of World Bank. The project's pathway towards better city livability is centered on improved urban governance, management, and finance, as well as better service delivery to support economic activity and to provide a decent standard of living for the city’s residents. Under this project we are going to upgrade six garbage stations and two landfill sites in Karachi.
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