SWEEP is a joint venture between Government of Sindh & World Bank to develop state of the art solid waste infrastructure for the city of Karachi. Currently the project aims to develop immediately required infrastructure in the form of garbage transfer stations and sanitary engineering landfill sites. the core objective of sweep project is to reduce the carbon footprint in the city of Karachi and to ensure the compliance to the international and national environmental quality standards, thus improving the sanitation index of the city in general. 


Future Vision

SWEEP project is committed to deliver sustainable and environment-friendly living for the citizens of Karachi city, by ensuring an end-to-end solution primarily focused on an integrated solid waste management approach. To create a safe, and effective waste management, disposal, and recycling system that protects the natural environment while supporting the City of Karachi’s vision to achieve a sustainable and livable place. The Project SWEEP will support Pakistan’s Vision 2025, which aims to transform Pakistan’s urban areas into creative, eco-friendly sustainable cities, by paying attention towards curbing urban pollution and proper transfer of waste that are important in achieving the goals.

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