Pre-Bidding QA Session for Modern Garbage Transfer Stations Project


Pre-Bidding QA Session for Modern Garbage Transfer Stations Project

Date: October 26th, 2023
Location: Head office – SWEEP

The Pre-Bidding session for the Construction of four Modern Garbage Transfer Stations was successfully conducted. The session was headed by the Project Director (PD) of the Solid Waste Emergency & Efficiency Project (SWEEP).
The event commenced with an introductory note by the PD, shedding light on the purpose and importance of this initiative and the technical requirements for submitting bidding documents. The essence of transparency, collaboration, and mutual understanding was emphasized.
The core of the session was the Question & Answer (QA) segment. Here, potential bidders were given the opportunity to put forth their queries and concerns related to the bid. Questions were diligently addressed by the PD, Procurement Specialist, Technical Consultant of PIU, and Design and Supervision Consultant by ensuring clarity and removing any ambiguities that could hinder the bidding process. It was made clear during this session that queries would be entertained for a span of 24 hours post this meeting, after which the query window would be officially closed.
Among the attendees, representatives included Mr. Kashif Ali, Executive Director from Transparency International, representatives from M/s Tumas Turkish Engineering Consulting & Contracting, M/s EMC Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, and representatives from the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board.
Concluding the session, the Project Director expressed his gratitude to every participant for their proactive involvement and insightful questions. He also gave a special acknowledgment to the organizations represented, recognizing their collective commitment to bettering waste management in Karachi. With optimism for the stages ahead, the meeting was adjourned.

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